Friday, November 10, 2006

What a day

Why didn't I decide to do this homeschooling thing earlier? I waited and now my son had to sit outside his school buliding for THREE long hours today as law enforcement searched all the lockers, backpacks,etc... while looking for a bomb. They had found a suspicious letter in the hallway and felt it compelling enough to call in the officials. D (hubby) and I drove by and saw the 815 kids (4-6th grade) from his school all outside the building while on our way to run errands.
I said "huh must be a fire drill."
Thirty minutes later on our way back home the kids were still outside. My thoughts...."must not be a drill"
Then 15 sec. later a silver unmarked car with blue lights comes flying down the road towards the school. I became nervous and D could tell, so we searched for the closest local radio station (not that there really is one local) and nobody was talking so we decided that since the kids were playing duck-duck goose and other games to keep them occupied outside they must be okay. Once home I turned on the news and nothing, so I went about my chores all the while wondering if my little man was okay.

When he got off the bus I was very relieved (to put it mildly) and calmly asked him about his day. He became very animated describing every little detail. I am glad he isn't worried about having to go back on Monday (the 22nd is his last day) but I am still sad that as a 4th grader he had to experience this.

D is finally home! Having him here full time with us is such a wonderful feeling! Knowing that Sunday night he won't be packing his bag and driving back to that big city too far from home gives me great joy.

It's a busy weekend for us and we hope that the weather allows us to get some much needed outside work done. We laid gravel in the barn this morning and that was oddly relaxing. Well for me, D was sweating tons. He was getting the buckets of crushed rock (moondust) out of the truck bed and I was raking it. I felt like I was at one of those fancy spas where one of the relaxation techniques is to rake patterns in the sand. LOL poor D had the hard work and I was at a fantasy spa. *smiles*

oh and my spell check tool bar is gone yet again! I do hate that.

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