Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Good Things

My week started off pretty darn rough having to take three kids to the Dr.'s office on Monday and then my other daughter in the following day. 2 out of 4 kids have strep throat.

Last night however things started to look a bit better for me. I was looking online for the best buys for homeschooling curriculum when I stumbled across this site. It is AMAZING it has everything we need. I even pulled out my sons objectives paper from the public school to see if there was anything lacking and really there is not. Well I will have to do a bit more on our state history but I can do that no problem. I was thrilled with the spelling and vocabulary lessons and the fact that they have a list of books we should read along with ready to print chapter quizzes and more.

This is just what I was looking for. It may not be great for the long haul but it is def. perfect to get us started and it might just be good enough to take us through the end of this year. The best thing was the price. It is very affordable.

I can't wait to put this site to use.

Oh and now all of my editing buttons are back, what a great way to start the morning! LOL


Fiona said...

Heather, Glad you found something that will work and work well!!! I hope the kids are all feeling better soon. BTW, you so didn't need to send the symptoms all the way to Colorado (says the woman with the scratchy throat.) Really, you don't need to share that much. *GRIN* Here's to a week that keeps getting better and better.

Jennifer said...

Hope your kids get better soon. I have four kids too, know what it is like to haul them all down to the Dr.'s!! Glad you found the curr. you need, thanks for the tip, I will check it out. (like I need more books!!)
Jenny in Ca
my tt is up, come visit!

Jennifer said...

aka mom, thanks for the comments over at my TT- and your welcome about the homeschool tips. If you are in my state, I can recommend a group for more information...I am in Ca- I couldn't tell from your blog where you are. Good luck with the homeschooling, we love the whole lifestyle. We are reading Peter Pan right now, your 9 yr old might enjoy it. The real book, not the Disney version. My 9 and 11 year old are begging for more. It's great for vocab lists too.