Thursday, November 02, 2006

Halloween Candy GALORE!

So this year we went to the Church and participated in Trunk or Treat. The kids had great fun playing games inside while the adults chatted and ate dinner. There was dinner for the kids too but with all the games none of them wanted to eat. Then after an hour or so the adults headed out to the parking lot and stood next to their decorated trunks and waited for the parade of kids in costumes to begin. We are not in a large ward, in fact we are in a small branch and there are only 12 kids in our primary. We did invite the members of the ward we share the building with but since they had already had their trunk or treat earlier in the week only a handful of their members came. That being said I was AMAZED when my kids made it back to our truck barely able to hold their LOADED bags of candy.

When we got home they wanted to weigh their bag to see who had the most candy. I pulled out the scale and one by one they were weighed with and without their candy to find the weight of their bags o' cavities. Are you ready for this......16.2 pounds of candy!!!!! That is right each of them came home with over 5 pounds of candy! Well all except Moe, he is only 14 months old so he hung out with me handing out the candy.

What in the world do you do with 16 pounds of candy? I combined it and sorted it into piles then put it in bags for our food storage. I have kept out one bag and am rationing it out. There is no need to have that much candy just sitting around. Good grief that is a lot of candy!

I am also using the candy to get my kids to remember to turn off lights in the house when they leave a room! It drives me nuts when I have to walk around the house turning off lights that everyone has left on. So now I have told them that for every light I have to turn off they lose a piece of candy. They were horrified, by the thought of losing any candy. We shall see how this works but so far so good.

Oh and for some reason my spell check and post preview have vanished so I apologize for any errors you have had to endure *grin*

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The Lazy Organizer said...

Yes, that is way too much candy! That's why I wouldn't take the kids to the trunck-or-treat this year.

I'm thinking of banning trick-or-treating all together in the future. Does that make me a bad Mother?