Thursday, November 02, 2006

Homeschooling Help...PLEASE

We are pulling our 9 year old out of public school to homeschool him. I have been online checking out site after site trying to decide which math program to use. I think I have decided to use the Saxon program. We went to the site to night to have him take a placement test and according to the placement test he should be in the 76 book. Fine but that is for 6th graders! He is only in 4th grade and frankly struggles big time in math. One of the big reasons I am pulling him out of public school is to get him caught up in math. He uses really weird methods to come up with answers and relies WAY TOO much on his fingers. Then there is the dot method which I CAN NOT stand. The poor kid is a military child and has been in 4 different schools and has learned 4 from 4 different methods, it is no wonder to me that he is confused.

Should I buy the Saxon books for 4th grade or should I buy the one that according to the placement test he should be in. Is Saxon typically at grade level or is it a bit behind?

Any advice would be SO appreciated.


The Lazy Organizer said...
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The Lazy Organizer said...

I don't have any advice for you with the math stuff. I have bought my kids Math-U-See and I really like it but they hardly ever use it. It's just sitting there waiting for them if they want it.

Randa said...

Girl you are amazing! I am sitting here reading your blog and thinking how great you are to be dealing with life with your man gone most of the week. You Go Girl!

Jennifer said...

is there a homeschool store in your area where you could go and see the saxon stuff? that might give you an idea of what book to place him in. Or, go online and find a support group in your area, saxon is pretty popular, odds are you will be able to find another mom using it and look at her books to see what the levels are. I would really try to see it before you buy, nothing worse then having the wrong books...
I use Abeka, so I can't help you with the saxon question, sorry.