Monday, November 06, 2006

Monday Madness

#1 I have posted a question to the almighty ones who control my blog and a week later I still have no spell check or nifty little html insert options.

#2 3 of my 4 kids are sick and when I called the Dr.'s office I was told there was no way they could see 3 new patients today. if it is my fault we moved here in Aug. and only one of my kids has been ill and had to be seen by the Dr.(and she is not sick this time). Yeah and like I planned for 3 of them to get this sick all at once. It's a mom's dream to have 3 sick kids and no husband at home to help....or at least listen to her vent about it.

I asked if they could possibly split it up between today and tomorrow and I was only met with sighs. I thought this was the kind of treatment that was unique to the military clinics we are used to but I guess I was wrong.

Somehow she managed to squeeze us all in this afternoon and I really wasn't sure if I was supposed to thank her beyond the normal "thanks, see you then" or not. I mean am I supposed to bring her flowers? Maybe just candy would do...I do have 16 or so pounds of it in the house from Halloween. LOL On second thought she should give me flowers for the stress she put me through this morning!

#3 I am still searching and searching the homeschooling web sites. There is information overload out there. My plan was to go and deliver the NOI to the superintendent today but with the sick kids in the house that won't be happening today.

#4 My son (the older one) is supposed to start wrestling tomorrow night and is seriously stressed that he may have strep and won't be able to start tomorrow. I can only smirk as he lays out all his worries about missing this practice....wouldn't it be nice if my biggest worry was missing a practice. Ah to be young again. Nah, nevermind kids are cruel and I don't think I could survive todays youth, my generation was bad enough but what kids today face is way worse. Sad but true.

#5 We are getting the house ready, well I am the sick ones have no energy, the hubby will be home later this week and this time we don't have to send him back after just 2 days. He is ours! Yay us. This has been a very long 3 months. I know 3 months isn't long, esp. since we were able to see him 2 days a week, compared to what others are dealing with right now. After being a Navy wife for 10 years though, I have decided that no matter how long they are gone it is hard work! I think that seeing him on the weekends has been harder than just having him gone for 3 months. Just when you think you are getting a routine in place BAM he shows up and it all goes out the window. Then he leaves again and you have to wipe everyones tears and start the process all over again. I am ready for this to be over and just have him home for a while.

Okay that is all the Monday blah, blah, blah I can think of to share right now. I do have some things I would love to post but I am waiting for the blogger people to fix my posting screen. I am not that good with html or maybe I could do it myself.

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Jennifer said...

well, there are a ton of homeschool sites out there. You can read till your eyeballs fall out. My favorite is actually a yahoo group, a homeschool group for our state, you might want to go to yahoo groups and search for homeschool in blank state and see what you come up with. The group is nice because it is a big group of knowledgable moms who can answer a question very quickly and a wide range of experience with whatever you have a question about. Two other favorites of mine are Ambleside online, and sonlight curr. if anything, they can be great reading book lists and give you some ideas. I have links to both at my blog in the sidebar, or just do a google search.
Jenny in ca