Sunday, November 26, 2006

So many things ...

have happened since my last post on the 10th (I can't believe it has been that long!). I have so much to post but there is just not enough time nor would it be the best use of my time to post it in detail so here is a glimpse of the last two weeks....

1. We received a call that my grandmother was in the hospital and was not doing well. Since the hubby was on leave we loaded up the van and drove 26 hours to Nebraska to see grandma for what may be the last time. Super Mommy was impressed with her Hubby's ability to daddy-task while driving and deemed him qualified for Super Daddy status. We pulled the kids out of school for an entire week...ahhh that is a whole different story.

2. On our last night in Nebraska Moe ended up in the ER. He had to get a breathing treatment, poor lil' guy.

3. The next day we went to Iowa to see my FIL one more day before heading back to the coast. While we were there our oldest boy was involved in a 4 wheeler accident and ...yep had to get 7 stitches in his lip. 2 states, 2 ER's, 2 boys.

4. Before we left for the ER "K" was trying to talk his way out of it saying that we could just slap a bandage on it and call it good. My FIL said that sometimes we just need to do things to make moms happy and going to see the DR was going to make his mom (me) happy.
"K" replied "But I thought that if I was happy she was happy, and I AM NOT HAPPY!"

5. Then at the the E.R. he asked the DR if he really needed stitches and the DR said yes that he really did need them. He tried to explain what the scar would be like and how the healing would go if he didn't get stitches and "K" my sweet spiritual son said with tears in his eyes
"That doesn't' matter the only thing that matters is that I live righteously"

6. While in Kentucky the lady working at McD's referred to Moe as Lil' Bit and now my lovable hubby can't resist calling him Lil' Bit. Now the poor kid gets called Moe and Lil' Bit, neither of which are his real name.

7. My oldest started Homeschooling when we returned home from our Nebraska trip and WOW is it off to a great start! He even said that his math made more sense doing it the way I was showing him. I was thrilled as I expected a lot of resistance to my methods. We started out slow last week and will be doing a bit more each day this week. I may need a new printer for our computer by the end of the school year, I think I may wear this one out....LOL

8. We had to talk in Church today, just for that fact alone you know that something bad had to happen....yep it was a puke fest at our house last night and this morning. But we were still there "K" sat in the foyer and waited for us to be done with our talks so that the sick ones could go home. That left only me and "Biene" (pronounced Beena). The other 4 including "no time to get sick Dad" all headed home.

9. Not only did I have to talk in Sacrament meeting today but when we got to Church I realized that I was the only Primary leader there. Not just the only one in the Presidency but the only adult period! Not even one teacher was there. UGGGHHHH! Good thing I was prepared with a great sharing time and singing time. I thankfully found two wonderful ladies to teach (we only have 12 kids and 2 of mine were at home sick). We managed, but wow, there were a few stressful moments.

10. Now I am home and looking ahead to the next week, the puppies are going in to be "fixed" and my MIL is moving in. At least Homeschooling is going well thus far and I have the lessons for the week all printed out and ready to go. Should be yet one more typically busy week.


lammyann said...

I'm tired just reading this!
I cannot believe you came all the way near my neighborhood and I didn't get to see you!!!!!
Well, I hope all is better.
Hugs to you
(PS: Just got your message--we went to Texas for tday--must have just missed you!)

Shawna said...

I feel so guilty...what the heck do I have to complain about LOL You are doing the work for a dozen women!

Glad homeschooling is working out--we plan to try it this summer; a trial run to see how it goes. Not sure if I can handle all that together time.

Hope to read more soon!

Ruben said...

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