Tuesday, September 26, 2006

"Like, whatever!"

Okay now I know my parents sweet revenge came in the form of my children. I used to drive my parents up the ever lovin' wall by constantly saying Like and whatever. I remember my Dad trying SO SO hard to break me of that habit. Now my own child is showing me exactly what a pain in the neck I was. If I have to hear my son say " wha's up " or "Dude" one more time I am going to scream! I guess this is fair warning to all those in hearing range because I know as soon as he gets off the bus today I am going to be greeted with a " wha's up, Mom?" or worse he will look at the baby and say "hey wha's up dude?" GAG, PUKE, BARF!

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LammyAnn said...

ROFL-----the big one here I'm SO.DARN.SICK.OF is "WHATEVER".
Sweet Cracker sandwich--it makes me want to find something pokey to gouge my eyes out to stop it!!!
(Ty for letting me comment! *grin* )
Sorry to hear about the Strep.
'Tis the season here too.