Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Scissors, Lollipops, and Pencils and other Motherly Warnings

I find myself telling my little ones not to run with scissors or pencils in hand or lollipops (suckers) in their mouths all the time. I know there is very good reasoning behind these firm warnings but I have lost count of how many brushes with death I must have avoided doing these same things.

What are some of the other motherly warnings you have given while whispering in the back of your mind.... "do as I say, not as I do" ?

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Janean said...

We have only four "rules" at my house (I try to keep it simple).

1) no running in the house (ummm, forget about the last time I Heard the toilet overflowing in the kids bathroom and did a great imitation of a track star, hurdles and all!)

2) No jumping or climbing on the furniture. ("I have a good reason for being up here! I'm getting that cobweb down...or hanging that picture")

3) Inside voices. (Mommy needs to yell because you don't ANSWER MEEEE!)

4) Be kind to others. (WHhhooops! Mommy's broken this one a time or two!)

I think we've ALL had those "do as I say not as I DO" moments. **big smile**