Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Why do I think it will only take a few minutes to unpack those last few boxes?

Why do I think my kids will remember to make their beds?

Why do I think that it should be easy to wash the fabric cover for my 1yr old's car seat?

Why would I ever think that it would take less than a professional and 30 min to put the above mentioned car seat back into the truck?

I broke into a sweat last night when I became entangled in seat belt straps and buckles as I took the fabric cover off of my son's car seat. Finally I had it off and in the wash. Then where the next challenge became .... where to hang it so it would be dry by morning? Morning arrived and yep you guessed it....it was still wet. Do the makers of car seats assume that you have a full week to sit and wait for these to dry? Damp as it was I took the time to put it back on said car seat and put it back in the truck. It was a good thing I already knew what a struggle it was to put this thing in properly as I had given myself plenty of time. 30 minutes later we were off to the bus stop to drop off the other kids. Once we were back at home I had to take the seat out again to go through that same darn struggle to remove the cover. It is now air drying on the porch as I watch the ever darkening skies and my hopes are I can quickly grab them before the raindrops fall and take me back to square one.

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