Thursday, October 12, 2006

The adventures of Super Mom part 4,653.....

And now the adventures of Super Mom continue....... As she tries to feed lunch to the smallest member of the Mighty Mini Gang she also makes the various phone calls of the day and loads the dishwasher all at the same time. Many would call this multi-tasking but Super Mom refers to this as Mommy-tasking.
After mastering the daily jigsaw puzzle, commonly referred to as loading the dishwasher, she turns to see that Mighty Moe has covered himself with his lunch. Knowing that this wasn't accidental Super Mom grabs the camera to capture that Kodak moment while closing the door on the jigsaw puzzle with her foot and holding the phone in place by cocking her head ever so lightly to the left pinning said phone between her ear and shoulder. Never stopping the conversation on the phone Super Mom is able to snap a picture or two and then with cape flowing behind single handily began the task of running the bath water with out making it too cold or too hot.
Knowing that removing Moe from his chair was not going to be an easy task Super Mommy excused herself from the phone and in Super Mommy fashion approached Mighty Moe in his royal chair and analyzed the situation. Upon further investigation the reality sets in....even Super Mom may get messy. Quickly she removed his bib and slowly stands him up in his chair trying to get all stray pasta pieces to fall onto the tray. Ever so carefully she removes the overalls and shirt and lets them lay on the chair until bath time is over.
Now getting him from the chair to the tub without getting Super Mom and the new carpet messy was going to take some real Super powers. Super Mom took a deep breath, picked up the Mighty Mini and made sure he didn't get too close to her Super Mom uniform (aka white t-shirt) Moving swiftly she managed to make her way into the bathroom leaving her uniform and carpet free of pasta sauce. Once there she removed the diaper and plopped Mighty Moe into the tub where he shrieked in happiness and happily splashed in the warm water.
He had once again devised a master plan to get unscheduled playtime in the tub. Ahhh but little does he know that Super Mom won as well because his master plan brought nothing but smiles to her.


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Carmela said...

THAT is the greatest picture! you may have a second career as a mommy-tasking photographer!

LammyAnn said...

Rofl. too cute moe!