Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Super Mom.....HA! Not today.

I woke up this morning to yet another pimple on my forehead, an over sized abdomen, and a screaming baby who was not going to give up the screams until he was able to nurse. Mommy didn't feel like nursing him but well what ya going to do when it's 5:30 am and your too dang tired to make breakfast. Plus he only nurses one time a day now and I know that will only be for a few more weeks so who am I to tell him "Not now mommy is pms'ing, maybe later".

I dropped the other 3 off at the bus stop and waved good-bye, drove back to the house and forgot to feed the puppies. How rude of me. I mean they can't exactly fill their bowls on their own. I finally remembered about a hour later and they were very forgiving.

Moe (that is what I call my youngest) didn't want to take his nap and so sadly I sat him on the floor with a bucket of mega blocks and then laid selfishly on the couch and just watched him play. What a slacker!

Finally he went down for his nap and did I do any housework? NO I did not. I instead read a magazine and watched my neighbor harvest the corn from my window.

The kids came home and the thought of cooking dinner made me want to cry but I guess they need to eat right? Is it bad to give them a choice of Spaghetti O's or Mac and Cheese? I did give them a choice so that should count for something right?

I am a married single mom right now and it is days like this when I wish my better half wasn't so far away. He is only a few hours away but it might as well be oceans away on days like today. I really miss him.

Okay that is enough sulking. Just one of those not so super days.


Janean said...

No, Spaghetti O's and Mac and cheese are not bad! Couldn't live without either, personally. And the kids LOVE them. I've also been known to do pancakes for dinner or, if I'm really dead, PB and J with chips.
You have my total and complete sympathy on being "married/single". Been there. It's HARD, especially when you miss him so much...
Just wanted to let you know you weren't alone! :D If it helps...

Jamie said...

Another married single mother of four here and guilty of the mac and cheese or spaghett O dinners. I'm sure there were days when even our own wonderful moms did it too and we're still alive and well.