Thursday, October 19, 2006

Breast Cancer Affects Who????

Well the month is almost over and I have been very bad at letting others hog the soapbox. So excuse me while I push the rest of you off my stage.......
A very dear friend of mine is watching her father struggle with breast cancer. Yes I said her father, it was not a typo. Breast cancer in men is a very real thing and one that does not get much focus. I have been amazed this month by the number of informative shows and articles on breast cancer awareness, they really are informative and motivational, yet they all seem to focus on women. I know I know it is mostly a female thing, but the reality is that it is CANCER and it does not discriminate. Please take time and visit some of the sites on the web that are very informative about this cancer and how it affects men. You can go here, or here, you can even go here to read personal stories from men (and their families) who have had breast cancer. You can also go here to visit my friend's blog and read her story.
-Thank You
*okay guys soap-box is up for grabs, I am done for a little while*


janice said...

It is rare when we hear about men getting it - thanks for sharing and reminding us all. The only cases I have ever heard of have been on the news. Thanks for getting up on that soapbox!!!

PS - relieved to hear that another child has screamed like a lunatic thatt something was going to fly out the car window! LOL

Chanda said...

So true! People often forget or don't realize it exsists.
Blessed Be!

LammyAnn said...

Luv ya pal.
Thanks for spreading the word.

Anonymous said...

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