Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #4

Thirteen Jobs I thought I might like when I was 13
(In no particular order)
  1. Teacher - I guess I sort of do that now
  2. Writer- Does the family Christmas Letter or this blog count?
  3. Photographer- Do that all the time
  4. Mom- yeah sort of a given seeing as how I have 4 kids
  5. Chemist -that was before I actually took a Chemistry Class *grin*
  6. Hairstylist- Oh yeah with 2 girls I am doing this everyday
  7. Childcare provider- duh!
  8. Flight attendant - Sort of I guess. I do tell them what to do in case of an emergency and I serve them meals and beverages. Sometimes we are in such a hurry it even feels as if we might be flying.
  9. Quality Control person at the Hershey Plant- All Chocolate that enters this house must first be approved by MOM unless it's a Milky Way bar....YUCK! Maybe that is why they are my oldest son's favorite....hmmm ya think?
  10. Party Planner- Back then my dream was to do this for the rich and famous now it is for my family not on the rich or famous list.
  11. Actress- I wanted to be on stage somewhere just acting NOT singing. Now I act all the time, putting on my brave face when the kids ask why daddy has to be in the military and why he has to be gone so much.
  12. Professional Pianist- Now ask me if I even know how to play, umm nope. I think it had to do with that whole wanting to be on stage thing.
  13. A Lawyer (family law)- Now I just try to establish the family law and enforce it while I am at it.

I guess that is pretty darn good. I have fulfilled most of my goals, maybe not how I had planned but hey they are not as fun if you go about it the traditional way.

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renae said...

Your list is similar to what I wanted to do when I was 13!! I recall wanting to be a chemist and driving a limosine!! (I have no idea where I was going to park it) My poor barbies suffered years of abuse through my hair dresser phase!!

Caylynn said...

Great list. :) One of my aunts was a flight attendant, and she was always so classy and chic that my sister and I wanted to be flight attendants too!

Happy TT. :)

amy said...

I now want to put up cards at Hallmark. That would be fun. I wanted to be a babysitter all my life..What a fun blog@

The Artist said...

Great list! Sounds like you have taken care of most of these - never too late to learn the piano! ;o)

My list is up too!

Shoshana said...

This is a pretty versatile list. I don't remember what I wanted to be, but I was pretty sure it involves me and book and palm trees and good looking boys fanning me.


Being a teacher was never ever my dream. I love kids but do not have the patience as teachers do. I really admire teachers because of the patience they have especially teachers who teaches grade schoolers or toddlers.
Mine's up too.

mominprogress said...

LOL I have a list like this. I work in family law now as a paralegal and it isn't as cracked up to be as I thought it was.

great T13

Pixiepincessmom said...

I use to want to be a vetenarian but I'm so allergic to animals that that went out the window in jr high. Then I wanted to do something in law but my parents just couldn't help me with the college fees. But I've got the best job around; I'm a mom! :-)

Just Expressing Myself said...

I wanted to be an actress or a lawyer or a speech-writer.
Your personal resume is a half-mile long - lots of life-expreience there ;)
My TT is up.

Shannon said...

I love the list. I may have to 'steal' the idea foe one sometime.

I wanted to be an actress, singer and astronaut!

ribbiticus said...

i would've loved #9! mine's up too! ;)

Nikki said...

i've always wanted to be a pediatrician. coz i love kids and babies...but i hate books and studying 'hard' so yeah...i probably won't be one. it's too late even tho i change, w/c i probably wont.

great list! mine's up, drop by if u can =)

Tammy said...

Great list! I love photographer and still consider taking classes to do it for a living! My TT is up

Shaylondon said...

Great list, I wanted to be a teacher too. Now that I have 5 kids, I am a teacher, taxi, chef,etc...
My list is up late

Brony said...

Cool list. I think I thought about a few of those also.
Happy TT!