Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Super Mommy to the Rescue

Like I said in my profile, with 4 kids everyday is a new adventure and today was no exception.

....As I look frantically around the room I spot it! The blue and orange Binky had alluded me too long and now it was time to capture it and tie it down so future escape could not happen. Ah, but how was Super Mommy going to get from her uncluttered piece of floor space across the sea of toys, cheerios and other booby traps left undoubtedly by the Mighty Mini gang. The gang was notorious for making the home of Super Mommy a death trap waiting to capture its prey.

Super Mommy's motto is to Kill 'em with Kindness and thus the reason she was on the hunt for the AWOL Binky(it belongs to the smallest member of the Mighty Mini Gang). With a wide stride and little luck Super Mommy hurdled the traps that had taken over the floor and managed to grab the blue and orange binky and quickly handed it over to that tiny little man who had been screaming the entire time Super Mommy was on her important mission. With out a doubt he was trying to foil her plans of enjoying a quiet nap time by not letting her find said binky. But as usual Super Mommy could not be stopped.

Super Mommy had too many missions today including 4th grade math (the gang has recruited the teachers ...what next?), find the marker in laundry and of course the super secret Operation Dinner. She is wondering if there were any substitute Super Mommies out there? She needs a vacation!

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LammyAnn said...

Makes me think of that old van commercial where the mother is frantically scouring the van for her darlin's little binky, folding over seats, reaching under them only to put her hand in some unnamed goo, getting more and more frantic trying to find the binky, while in the meantime, darlin' had found one in the car seat he was sitting in... And me, watching the mother's flustered exhale...could TOTALLY relate.