Friday, October 20, 2006

Super-Mommy 101: How not to mommy-task

For those of you who have been following the saga of Super-Mommy you know that the art of Mommy-tasking (multi-tasking) is one that is sometimes a difficult one to master. If Super Mommy is not on the ball situations like the above picture are bound to occur.
In this particular instance Super Mommy had been busily sewing baby blankets while Mighty Moe slept quietly. Once Moe woke up Super Mommy was torn between finishing the trim on the blanket she had been pinning or just calling it quits and putting it away for another day. Well she is SUPER MOMMY and decided that Mommy-tasking would have to be put to good use. HA little did she know the pantry door had been left open. The door was not open wide, just enough for Mighty Moe to slip his pudgy little finger in and open it the rest of the way. Soon Moe emerged with a container of cereal in hand. Super Mommy was putting in that last pin when she saw Moe out of the corner of her Super Mommy eye , ya know the one on the side of her head, shake the container as hard as he could. Before she could get the pin the rest of the way through the soft red fabric he dropped the container with a thud. Of course the container hit the floor at just the perfect angle so that the cereal could be scattered all about the floor. Super Mommy gasped and Mighty Moe with a smirk on his face dropped to his bum and happily started to dig in. Super Mom giggled just a bit, singing "Happy Birthday To Me" under her breath as she went to grab the camera and the broom.
Point to this lesson....know your Mommy-tasking limitations.


janice said...

Oh yes. I ignore warning signs and move beyond my mommy tasking abilities too often. One time when my son was two he dumped nail polish on the sofa when I was on the phone!!!

Susan (5 Minutes For Mom) said...

A very familiar site for me...