Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Super Mommy's Green Kryptonite

Sorry for being MIA but the Mighty Minni's have found Super Mommy's weak spot and flooded the room with this "kryptonite" (aka GERMS). Those smart little Mighty Minni's figured that if they couldn't stop Super Mommy that they would recruit others. They lured me in with 2 open houses at their schools and a scout meeting last week, all filled to the brim with fellow Mighty Minni's from their local chapter. As Super Mommy walked the hallways she was covered in a blanket of sneezes, un-washed hands, and other flying bits of "krytonite" from coughs and things of that nature.
Well they succeeded in their mission and Super Mommy has been on limited duty around the house this week. She even sent the kids to school yesterday with lunch money instead of the dreaded healthy cold lunch. Upon the Mighty Minni's return home the eldest princess informed Super Mommy she ate everything except the broccoli. The tiny princess in training exclaimed that she wanted "tray lunch" everyday. Super Mommy could only manage a weak smile as she placed the cardboard like frozen pizza in the oven. Oh yes Super Mommy would like you all to know that frozen things cook better in the oven when it is actually turned on, imagine that.

Super Mommy sat in her soft comfy chair with a blanket wrapped snugly around her, trying to find that one position where she could breathe out of at least half of her nose, as she watched her children eat cardboard for dinner. Lovely just lovely.

Super Mommy is on the mend and by Thursday should be good as new. Unless of course they bring home stronger "kryptonite".


Tracie said...

Awww. I hope you feel bette soon. Don't worry, a couple of cardboard meals never hurt anyone!

Susan (5 Minutes For Mom) said...

LOL... a bit of cardboard will help them appreciate the mommy-cooked meals. I hope you feel better soon.