Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Time to start sewing

I ordered 58 yards of cotton flannel fabric from and it should be here tomorrow. That is enough fabric to make about 23 baby blankets with some left over for burp cloths and a bib or two. Everything is looking baby around here these days....all but my belly that is LOL. Oh and that is just fine with me by the way in case you were wondering.

Why on earth would I want to make so many blankets? Well there is a craft mall up the road and I am planning on selling them there. They have NO baby items there which amazes me. The owner said people are asking for baby things all the time. My master plan is to start with the blankets and burp cloths etc. and then slowly add homemade baby soaps. I have also started making several crocheted winter baby hats. The possibilities are endless with gift baskets and individual items. If the baby soaps go over well I will then start a line just for the moms. The blankets are going to be my spring board and if they flop....I guess I will have lots of baby shower gifts on hand *grin*

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