Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Mom, could you..., will you..., where is my....,

Good Grief! There are days where I would really like to change my name to DAD. I noticed this weekend while he was home that even if he was sitting right next to one of the kids they would get up walk into a completely different room and ask ME if they could play on the computer, have a snack, or get out the paints. What is the deal with that?

Now granted Dad wasn't here this morning so all questions and requests had to come my way but gee whiz they didn't have to be thrown at me like I was the last one standing in a bad dodge ball game.

I managed to survive the morning chaos and get the kids down the lane to their buses. Moe and I pulled back up to the house, fed the puppies and went back into the house kicked off our shoes and were just about ready to play a bit before nap when I saw it....the lunch box....uggghhhhh!

Back on went the shoes and out we went to put the puppies back in their "puppy jail" (large fenced in area) by the barn. I felt bad for the pups so I decided to give them a snack before driving off to the school. Just my luck Shilo somehow got the snack wedged in the roof of her mouth and could not get it out. She was very upset and in a panic. Brutis was trying to see what her problem was but every time he came close she growled at him. So after I convinced Bruits it was better just to leave his sister alone I stuck my finger into the land of sharp puppy teeth and wiggled the pizza shaped snack free. *makes note to self - no more pizza shaped snacks for the puppies*

After licks of gratitude from Shilo I was back in the truck with Moe safely buckled in and off to the school to deliver the lunch bag. I managed to find a parking space and walk into the school without dropping anything or tripping, which with the morning I had had thus far was totally what I had expected. Once in the office I placed the Pink Camouflage lunch bag on the counter and proceed to tell the nice office lady that my daughter had left her lunch at home. She asked if I had the lunch with me. I thought that was odd but decided to play along.
"yes, it's right here" I said pointing to the very pink lunch bag

She replied " Oh I just thought that was your purse"

I could only laugh and say "no, I'm not that hip"

I must say I drove back to the house with a smile the whole way. Did she really think I would carry a pink and gray camo. purse? LOL

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