Monday, October 02, 2006

Coupon Bliss

So I went to do the grocery shopping today and came home on cloud nine! How is that possible, esp. with a 1 year old with me? The answer my friend is on my receipt. I was a patient shopper today and used coupon after coupon after coupon and when I got to the register and all was said and done I had saved .... are you ready....$55.17!!!!!! I know for those of you who are pro's with the whole coupon system this may not seem to be that big of a deal but this was HUGE for me! I hope to do this good on my next trip as well. The hardest part was keeping the 1 year old happy. He was fine as long as I let him throw whatever he wanted out of the cart...ugghhhh so not my version of a fun game.

1 comment:

LammyAnn said...

That's some serious savings.
I'm thrilled when it's over $15!!!
WTG pal.
Yer MY Hero!!!