Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

Okay I need to give credit to 2 different web sites that helped me out in my quest to save money at the grocery store yesterday. First I stumbled across this great site which then led me to my lifesaver of a site here. Without having gone to the 2nd site I would have never known that the best days to shop at my local store was Sun. Mon. or Tues. Those are the best days for me to get the most out of my coupons and their in store sales. Turns out that my store runs their sales from Wed. to Tues. and the in store sales usually coordinate with the coupons that come out on the Sun. during their sale. Which means that if I wait to go shopping on Friday all of the in store sales will coordinate with the coupons that are not out yet. Make sense???

While I can still save using my coupons and the in store sales I get more bang for my buck when I shop on Mon. vs Fri. Yesterday I was able to get namebrand apple juice in the 64oz container for $.92, 2 3lb bags of namebrand cat food for $1.50 each, and a fabulously favorite liquid handsoap for only $.64. All of these great deals only happened because of the combination of my coupons and the in store sales.

Okay I feel I have given credit to the sites that saved me SERIOUS CASH yesterday. Click on those links and check them out!

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