Friday, October 27, 2006

Friday Fumbles

Do you ever wake up and think wow what a great day? I did this morning and wow, how wrong could I have been.

I said that to myself before I actually looked at the clock.
Crud only 40 min to get 4 kids fed and 3 of them ready for school
No problem I can do this, I've done it many times before.
Ha, the odds were against me this morning.

I suddenly realized that 2 of my kids had to dress up like their favorite book character, and yes I knew this for two weeks but frankly I had other issues on my mind...something to do with ships and scouts.

Quickly I had to transform my 7 yr old int
Junie B Jones from her favorite book in the series Junie B. Jones Loves Handsome Warren . This was not too hard because Junie never seems to match and we could do that no problem! Daughter #1 done, taken care of.

Now daughter #2 is just in Kindergarten. So when I asked her to go and grab her favorite book she just said she would be Junie like her big sis. Ummm not going to work since you just learned how to spell "THE" two days ago. I think your teacher might catch on that something is up. So I asked her once again to grab her very very favorite book and bring it to me. It needed to go to school with her so she might as well go and find it. You will not believe what she brought me...are you ready...
Hey Diddle, Diddle...

Now I have to figure out how to make her one of the characters from that book. Now looking at the clock I realize I have 10 minutes to do this....NOT POSSIBLE! Well that is what I thought but I actually managed, with a bit of computer help. I got online real quick and looked up moon clipart and cow clipart. I then cut out the picture of the moon slapped it in the middle of some contact paper and pinned it to her yellow shirt.
"Tu-duh you are the moon" I declared.
Then I did the same with the cow except I fastened him to her headband with pipe cleaner and so now she was the Cow jumping over the moon.

I looked at the clock qucik grabbed the bookmarks I made last night (until 1am!)for the goody bags the girls were going to be getting at the big character party this afternoon. Grabbed Moe who was mid-bite with a spoon of oatmeal. Yes I know not the morning to let your 14 month old feed himself oatmeal, but he loves it. And out the door we went...well almost. My son all of the sudden remembered that it was PICTURE DAY at his school! UGHHHH his hair wasn't picture ready and his shirt well....

"Quick go change and fix your hair a bit more, please" I said with a tone of defeat in my voice. We were so close to making it out the door on time.

5 minutes later and 3 minutes too late to catch the bus we headed down the road not to the bus stop but first to my son's school and then to the girls school.

Once we pulled into the girls school I realized that I was going to need to go in to deliver the bookmarks as the girls didn't know what room the parent volunteers were in and they were going to be late to their classes if they had to search them out. So I parked and in I went with Moe on my hip.

Did I mention that he was still covered in oatmeal? Oh well. Into the school we went oatmeal and all, dropped off the bookmarks said our hello's, and then out the door we went.

Once home I took a deep breath and was relieved that my morning madness was OVER! There is still a chance for it to be a great day but it sure did start off a bit chaotic.

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