Monday, October 09, 2006

Go to Bed Already!

This is a typical statement for me to my children at least 3 or 4 times a night. To night however, I am saying this to myself. I know since the kids will be home tomorrow I will not be able to use Moe's nap time to it's fullest. That is when I usually get the most housework, yard work etc... done. I just know it won't be happening that way tomorrow. Instead I will be helping with a 4th grade paper on weather ( as if living through Ernesto and then the Nor'easter this weekend hasn't filled my cup o' tea to the brim) and sewing a pioneer outfit for my 2nd grader who was overjoyed that they picked her to be something besides a background singer. I have already made the skirt and I must say I am pretty pleased with it. Tomorrow is just the apron (keep your fingers crossed for me.)

I also must mow the lawn tomorrow as it is yes supposed to rain again on Wed. Can you believe that? 11.5 inches and now we are going to get more...yuck! The ground is still a bit soft but I think the sun was out enough on Sun and today that I should be okay at least in the front yard.

Oh and the good news from the weekend would have to be that Farmer Boy's Tree is still standing. He is so pleased with himself.

Okay I must get some sleep, I know that even with no school my little ones will still be up at 6am. I am not so sure they are really mine....I never, ever was known to be an early riser.

Oh and real quick.....The Lemon-Berry Slush at Sonic is the BEST thing EVER!

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