Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Tired Tuesday

Today is Tuesday and like the title says ... I am tired. No tired doesn't quite sum it up, exhausted is more like it.

I am tired of being a single mom. I am counting the days until this crazy military lifestyle of ours brings my husband (best friend) back HOME to live with US!

I am tired of being just one person when so clearly there needs to be at least 10 of me.

I am tired of not knowing how to solve all the problems for my children.

I am tired of trying to cook something for dinner that EVERYONE will like.

I am tired of pretending to know what it is like to be a 9 year old boy....Seriously, I have no clue!

I am tired of that darn monster in the house that is waking my 5 year old up at 2:30am. Doesn't he know he wakes up the mom too? I bet I am scarier than he is when I am going on very little sleep.

My list could go on and on I am sure.

With that all being said I would also like to say that while I am indeed very tired I would not trade my life for any amount of money or material items.

I adore my children and love the big people they are becoming. (even if they have to struggle with that at times)

I am completely in love with my husband and admire him for who he is and all that he stands for.

My husband and my family make me complete and through them and the love of my Father in Heaven I have landed one of the best jobs ever....MOM! The hours are long and the work is hard but the perks and benefits are endless...truly endless.


LammyAnn said...

So,THAT'S where our monster went. egads. Sorry!

Hugs to you! Hope the time goes even faster for you!

if you ever figure out what being a 9-year-old is like... please share the wealth!

Pawpads said...

Big hugs to you. My husband used to work away a lot and I hated it with a passion. Although he wasn't in any of the services, so didn't have the added stress that must add to your daily life.
I hope your hubby comes home to you soon.